Rebuilding Together

Area Foundations Help Rebuilding Together Keep Low-Income Seniors “Safe at Home”

Rebuilding Together’s mission is to keep seniors safe and independent at home. By providing simple, yet effective modifications that make it easier for seniors to remain their home, Rebuilding Together can lower the risk of falls and provide seniors some piece of mind.

Support provided by the Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation, The Cleveland Foundation, The Reinberger Foundation, the McGregor Foundation, and Sisler McFawn Foundation enable Safe at Home volunteers to install grab bars, handrails, non-slip treads, safety seats, handheld showers, accessible toilets, and more in Akron and Cleveland.

Critical Home Repairs

Many of the homeowners we serve do not have the financial resources to maintain even the most basic needs in their home. Through our minor home repair program, we seek to repair some of the more critical things such as replacing a roof, fixing or replacing a furnace, building a ramp, upgrading the electrical system, painting, and flooring.

We often partner with local weatherization and home repair agencies to make repairs that we cannot make on our own.