What It Means To Serve Stark County

Rebuilding Together serves U.S. Active Duty Military and Veteran families. In Stark County, our passion is helping the brave men and women who have served our country. We partner with the Veterans Service Commission, the City of Canton, and Stark County Honor Court, to ensure that low-income military and Veteran families have safe and healthy homes.

Rebuilding Together
Rebuilding Together

Each year, local council members, volunteers, RTNEO regional staff, and local contractor partners (such as Lowe’s and Sear’s Heroes at Home Projects) service several Stark County military homes with needed repairs such as: landscaping, painting, installing handrails, doors, windows, and much more. Funding from the City of Canton’s Community Development Block Grant and sponsorships are used to complete larger contract work such as: new roofs, flooring, heating, drywall, plumbing, and electrical work.

Our Partners: Council Members & Local Organizations That Make This Possible

Local organizations also provide volunteers and sponsorships, such as: Marathon Petroleum, Erie Insurance, Premier Bank and Trust, AUI Underwriters, and Stark County Honor Court.

You can help by sponsoring a project, volunteering, or supporting one of our fundraising events below:

Stark County Council Members: Rebuilding Together
Terri McConnaughy, Vice President of Human Resources—Premier Bank
Frank Kemp, Board Member—Veterans Service Commission
Joseph Sekely, III, Architectural Design and Building
Lisa Williams, Director- Stark County Honor Court for Veterans
Kimberly Adams, Veterans Legal Advocate—Community Legal Aid Services
Emily Njus, Grants Administrator—Summa Health
De Ann Covey, Director—Veterans Service Commission
Lori Mann, Financial Coach—Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

CONTACT US to Volunteer or for Services

If you are interested in becoming a council member and volunteering your time to Stark County’s Military and Veteran homeowners, please contact: Paul Holm at 330-773-4100330-773-4100 330-773-4100 or Paul.Holm@rebuildingtogetherneo.org direct – or simply fill out the form below! If you are interested in applying for services in Stark County, fill out the form below and we will send you an application and get you started towards safe and healthy housing!

Rebuilding Together
Rebuilding Together